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Make history come alive with interactive activity books that combine art and history!
Enrich learning with movable paper cut-out action figures!
Designed to supplement any history curriculum or stand alone with biographies.
Our engaging art activity books make learning fun for children ages 6 to 12!
Make movable action figures of historic figures! Award-winning activity books include detailed biography section with facts about each figure; companion reading list for read-alouds and independent readers; meticulous illustrations based on authentic paintings and sculpture;easy to follow assembly instructions; colored and colorable versions of each character; printed on sturdy card stock for hours of creative play; punch and fastener packs available.


"One of the best ways to bring material to life for children is to touch it, hold it, and play with it—exactly the opportunities these Civil War (Famous Figures of the Civil War) figures provide. I highly recommend them!”"

- Diana Waring, international speaker and author of the History Revealed curriculum

"Great for kids who like crafts: detailed, colored…on cardstock with moveable joints. Good for decorating time lines or just for fun."

- Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise, in The Well Trained Mind (3rd Ed.)(W.W. Norton)

"A great idea and a useful hands-on element to add to history studies"

- Cathy Duffy, author of "101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"