Bring History to Life

with Articulated Puppets of Famous People!

Are you looking for unique hands-on history projects for your creative child? With Figures In Motion’s articulated puppets, you will generate excitement and build history retention while your kids are learning through play.

Engage your child with articulated paper puppets of the great men and women of history. Unlike paper dolls, these figures move! They are easy to assemble and are designed to supplement any history curriculum.  They can also be used with biographies.

Color, cut, and assemble the body parts. Use a 1/8″ hole puch at the joints and attach the arms and legs with mini brads. Then, act out the stories of history or tell about the past with your movable creations. Makes learning history fun and memorable for your child!




Remove the card stock page from the book. Use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paint to color the figures.



Cut out each of the figure pieces. Punch out the holes for the fasteners with a hole punch. 


Insert the mini brad from the front side of the figure into the holes of the pieces to be joined together. Repeat until all of the holes are joined with brads.

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Cathy Diez-Luckie

Cathy Diez-Luckie

Award-Winning Author and Illustrator

We believe people bring history to life, so we provide articulated paper dolls of historical men and women so your children can learn through play. Our passion is to provide inspiring activities while building history retention. We’d be delighted for you to take a look.