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Do you want to inspire creativity and excitement in history? Your child will have hours of fun making paper dolls of historical people with arms and legs that move! At Figures In Motion, we believe people bring history to life, so we provide articulated paper dolls of famous men and women of the past so your children can learn through play. We’ve found that many moms and classroom teachers struggle with finding fun history projects for their kids, which is why our passion is to provide these inspiring activities, even for reluctant learners. We think your craft loving children would enjoy it, and we’d be delighted for you to take a look. 

My name is Cathy, and I love to draw and create with paper. Over the years I have illustrated several children’s books. But when I started homeschooling my children, I never imagined how art and history could come together in a new way!

It all started with an articulated paper doll of a Pilgrim.

One Thanksgiving I made a set of articulated pilgrims for each of my children to cut and put together. They loved them! And continued to play and act out stories of the first Thanksgiving long after it was over. This is where the idea for a unique history activity for my kids was born. We loved reading about the great men and women of history and I wanted an activity that could accompany our reading. And it had to be fun.

My children loved crafts and I could never give them enough to do. 

But the jointed paper dolls of historical people were a big hit! This hands-on history activity made the fun of learning last a lot longer. They had fun making the movable people and telling the stories of history while moving the paper doll in their hands. The doll was talking with the children giving them their words of what they had remembered about the story we had read. This was a powerful way to reinforce their history lesson. Incorporating play along with learning. Bringing history to life.

I have helped thousands of parents captivate their kids with history.

Ten years ago I came out with our first book, Famous Figures of Ancient Times, and since then thousands of parents and grandparents have provided these engaging historical paper dolls to their children. We have heard so many enthusiastic stories from our customers about our award-winning books. The Famous Figures series includes ancient times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and American history. I am currently working on Famous Figures of Early Modern Times with a targeted release date of early to mid-2020. 

And of course we had to add dinosaurs. 

My boys insisted on it. So that’s why you see a series of history books with one outlier…Dinosaurs on the Move. This book is a lot of fun for dinosaur lovers of all ages. They will have hours of fun!

My goal is to provide you with captivating and unique history activities for your children, whether they are history lovers and can’t wait for the next lesson or need to be encouraged about learning history. 

Keep in touch with us on social media, the website contact form, or send me an email at info”at”figuresinmotion”dot”com.

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