Articulated puppets from the early modern era

Early Modern Puppets of Historical People

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Articulated Paper Dolls of Famous People, Teacher Resources

Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era for Your Kids

Our 96 page book has 21 great men and women from the early modern era. Each figure comes in two different versions. One is already colored, and the second is a line art illustration for your child to color. Your six to twelve years olds will be captivated by these famous people of history as they make articulated puppets and tell their life stories. You can use this book with your history curriculum, or with biographies of the people of this time. We have included key facts about each of the characters and a reading list that you can use to locate biographies online or at your library.

Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era articulated historical puppets

Who’s in the book?

Your kids will learn about people of the early modern era. Mary, Queen of Scots; James I of England; Samuel de Champlain; Queen Nzinga; Shah Jahan; Pocahontas; Rembrandt; Louis XIV; Isaac Newton; William Penn; Peter the Great; Johann Sebastian Bach; Ch’ien-lung; Captain James Cook; Catherine the Great; William Wilberforce; Napoleon Bonaparte; Robert Fulton; William Clark; Simón Bolívar; and Sacagawea. 

Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era articulated historical puppets

Order Now!

Our historical paper dolls are printed on wood-free card stock to make sturdy puppets. If you want to share the fun with your younger children, it’s easy to laminate the pages before cutting out the figure pieces. Lamination makes them even stronger. Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era sells for $19.95 and is available on at and through other home education catalogs and websites.

Have fun with history! 🌸


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