Frequently Asked Questions


Who are your books for?
Children who enjoy hands-on activities, imaginative play, storytelling, and crafts. Parents and educators who want to inspire their children with engaging hands-on history activities that are easy to use.
How are your books used?
Cut, color, and assemble historical figures to supplement any history curriculum, unit study, or as a stand alone activity:

Color and assemble the figures during a history lesson, read aloud time, or just for fun.
Decorate a time line with assembled figures.
Include the figures as a project or activity in a history unit study.
Read biographies then use figure as a prop to narrate a short summary of his or her life.
Put on play with historical figures interacting or make up your own stories.
Include figures in a lap-book project or with a written report.
Make puppets with string, craft sticks or pipe cleaners.
Produce a stop-motion animation clip using magnets or felt on the back of the figures.

How do you make a moving figure?
Chose either a black and white line drawing or colored historical figure and tear out the page along the perforation. Children who like to color may use colored pencils, markers or crayons to complete the figure. Cut out the individual pieces and punch holes for the fasteners. Turn the pieces over so the assembly letters are visible. Match the letters together and insert fasteners from the front to the back. Press the prongs flat and repeat until all of the joints are fastened.
How do your books benefit children?
Encourage creativity and imagination
Provide tactile activities for kinesthetic learners
Develop speaking and dramatic presentation skills
Reinforce history lessons in an engaging way
Spark an interest in history through play
Enrich learning and generate excitement
Supplement any history curriculum
Stimulate curiosity about the past
Improve fine motor skills with paper cutting and assembly
Give captivating hands-on activities to your students

Plus a bonus: Your children will have fun while learning!

What are the age levels for your books?
Our books are designed for children ages six through twelve. Younger and older children may also benefit from interacting with the figures in our books, depending on their abilities and interests. The figures may be laminated and assembled for younger children.
How tall are the assembled historical figures?
The figures are twelve to thirteen inches tall.
Are there other books in process?
Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era and Famous Figures of Modern Times are in the design stage. These will be followed by Famous Native American, Community Helpers, and more titles in the Footsteps of Faith series.


What are my shipping options?
All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail.
Do you accept returns on physical products?
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase made through our website, you may return the items within 30 days of receiving them (we do not provide return shipping). All of our books purchased elsewhere must be returned to the company you purchased them from. Products must be unopened and in perfect condition so they may be resold. We cannot offer refunds for items that are opened (hole punch and fasteners) or damaged in any way (scratched cover, torn or missing pages, bent or creased pages showing the product has been used).
How do I return a product?
Send an email to info”at”figuresinmotion”dot”com explaining why you would like to return the items. You will receive an RMA number. Write the RMA number on a copy of the invoice and include it with your items. Carefully package and ship the items to:

Figures In Motion
Attn: Returns
6055 E Hemmi Ln
Bellingham, WA 98226

Please note: We will not be able to refund items damaged during shipment.

Do you accept returns on eBooks?
No, we are not able to refund our digital eBooks.