How to make an articulated puppet of Pharaoh Khufu


by | May 18, 2020 | Articulated Paper Dolls of Famous People, Teacher Resources

Learn how to make an articulated puppet of Pharaoh Khufu from ancient Egypt by watching our latest teaching video. Then you can enrich your history lessons with articulated paper dolls from history. You will need one of our history activity books, a ⅛ inch hole punch, and mini brads.

Articulated paper dolls of the great men and women of history can be a motivating learning tool for your kids. Not only are they a lot of fun to make, but they creatively reinforce their history lesson by bringing history to life. After your child creates a puppet, they can tell stories or narrate this history of the person’s life back to you. Your kids can assemble the figures while you read to them or after the lesson. These hands-on history activities are great for kids who love crafts.  

Cut out pieces and punch holes at the joints

The first step in making an articulated puppet is to select the person you are studying and remove the page from the book. Because of perforations along the spine, the pages are easy to remove. There are both colored and line art drawings for each historical figure. It’s easier to color the line drawing before you cut all the pieces out, so do that first.

Next, cut out all the parts of the figure. Then use a 1/8 inch round hole punch to remove the paper at the joints. After you finish punching out all the holes, turn them over so the letter key on the back is showing. You will use this letter key to assemble your puppet.

How to make articulated puppets that move with book, hole punch, and mini brads
Use Famous Figures of Ancient Times, a hole punch, and mini brads to make articulated historical puppets.

Attach the pieces with mini brads

The final step in making your articulated paper doll is to match the letters together with the back letter on top the front of the same letter. Insert the mini brads through the joints labeled with a single letter. The mini brad prongs should stick out the back of the joints. Attach all the pieces together and you’re done. 

Besides creating the funniest poses they can imagine, your kids will remember these heroes and heroines, and be inspired by their lives and their accomplishments.

Have fun with history! 🌸


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