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Do your kids like crafts and hands-on activities? This project will show you how to use our free paper doll template to make an articulated paper doll of King Tut. If you are studying ancient Egypt or would like to have this Egyptian craft to use later, download it now. This Egyptian activity is great for children who love crafts and can’t get enough of them. It’s also a great way to motivate a reluctant learner. This is a special Egyptian paper doll figure that is not found in any of our books.

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articulated paper doll of King Tut ancient Egypt craft for kids

How to Make Your King Tut Paper Doll

Download the pdf file onto card stock or regular paper and glue the paper onto cardboard or construction paper to make it sturdy. The pdf file may be printed with a front and back side. If you do not have a double sided printer, print the front side only.

Next, chose which of the two versions of the figure you would like to make. One is already colored so you cut out all of the paper doll body pieces. The other version allows your child to color the doll before cutting out the pieces. Then punch a hole at each joint with a small 1/8″ hole punch. Finally, use mini brads to assemble the figure and make it move! A letter key is on the back of the doll body pieces to make it easy to assemble.

King Tut Paper Doll Articulated Paper Doll - Egyptian Crafts

Learn More About King Tut

Learn more about King Tutankhamun as you make this articulated paper doll. Here is a link for a short video for Kids that talks about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. You can also watch  a PBS special about King Tut from Darryl Kinson.

Interested in more historical paper dolls that move? Banish history boredom for your kids with our collection of articulated paper dolls from history! These are not only great for giving your craft loving kids something fun to make and play with, they also inspire your children’s curiosity about the past and help them learn about the heroes and heroines of history. We have movable paper dolls your kids can make from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, Assyria, China, and Babylon. Not to mention famous people from the medieval and Renaissance time periods, as well as U.S. history.

Whether you make it now or save it for a future lesson, you can inspire your kids as they use their imagination to make the puppet move and come to life. Make an articulated paper doll of King Tut!

Have fun with history! šŸŒø


  1. Molly Mueth

    This looks like a helpful craft!

    • Cathy Diez-Luckie

      Thank you so much. I hope your child has fun with it and learns more about King Tut!


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