Ancient times coloring pages from Famous Figures of Ancient Times Coloring eBook

Famous Figures of Ancient Times Coloring eBook

Color the great men and women of the past with coloring eBooks from Figures In Motion.

Based on the Famous Figures series, these eBooks include simple black and white line drawings of each historical figure, key facts, and a reading list to accompany the characters included in the book. A Dinosaur Coloring eBook is also available. Print the coloring pages on paper of your choice.


BYCathy Diez-Luckie


Includes Twenty Historical Figures (and an elephant):

Narmer, Khufu, Hatshepsut, Sargon the Great, Hammurabi, Moses, King David, Ashurbanipal, Nebuchadnezzar II, Cyrus the Great, A Greek Hoplite, Qin Shi Huangdi, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Hannibal’s Elephant, Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus, Jesus, Constantine, Augustine

Cathy Diez-Luckie

Cathy Diez-Luckie

Award-Winning Author and Illustrator

I’m Cathy Diez-Luckie, author and illustrator of Famous Figures of Ancient Times: Movable Paper Figures to Cut, Color, and Assemble and the award-winning famous figures series of activity books. I am dedicated to providing parents and teachers with engaging hands-on history activities for their creative children that excite even a reluctant learner!