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Famous Figures of Ancient Times

Make 21 Jointed Paper Dolls from Ancient Times!

Cut out the arms, legs, and body parts. Then put them together with a hole punch and mini brads to make a paper doll that moves. This fun hands-on history craft will inspire your children to want to learn more about the famous people of ancient times. Includes a short description about each person along with a list of books to read aloud. Perfect for kids who love crafts and hands-on activities. A great addition to your study of ancient times. Hours of fun and educational play!


BYCathy Diez-Luckie


Famous Figures of Ancient Times

Make jointed paper dolls of famous people from ancient history! Cut them out and put them together with a hole punch and mini brads. Then use your imagination to make them move and come to life with the real stories of history.

Inspire your child with this fun history craft. Perfect for eager children who want more hands-on activities and love crafts. You can also use them to motivate reluctant learners. Add this ancient history activity to your homeschool history lesson. Or, have your child make the paper dolls while reading a biography. Another idea is to have your child narrate what they have learned with the puppet. A great hands-on ancient history project for elementary kids.

 Make 21 Jointed Paper Dolls from Ancient History

The 21 famous people in this book come in two versions: one colored and one to color. The card stock pages make sturdy paper dolls in ancient costume. You may laminate the pages before cutting them out to strengthen them. We label the back of each paper doll with a letter key for easy identification and assembly. Cut out the pieces. Use a 1/8" round hole punch to form a hole at each joint. Finally, place a mini brad through the joint hole and you have a moving historical character!

Includes Facts and a Reading List

There is a short description about each person at the beginning of the book, along with a list of books to read aloud. The list of books may be a teaching resource for books to read while your child is making the jointed paper dolls. Use the historical paper dolls with biographies, with lap books, as a unit study, on a timeline, or with any ancient history curriculum. Famous Figures of Ancient Times works well with Story of the World Volume 1, Sonlight Curriculum, Classical Conversations, Mystery of History, and many others.

Hours of fun and educational play for hands-on learners. Build the Great Pyramid with Khufu. Rule ancient Egypt with Hatshepsut. Climb Mount Sinai with Moses. Fight the Spartans with a Greek hoplite. Ride with Hannibal and his war elephants as he tries to defeat the Romans. Learn while playing with paper dolls from Famous Figures of Ancient Times!

“Famous Figures of Ancient Times is an award-winning book that helps children learn about famous people 2000 to 3000 years ago. What makes this book unique is that it has twenty moveable cut-out paper dolls….”

—Clark Isaacs, The Desert Independent

“We are always looking for ways for the boys to learn as they play……The first thing we noticed after opening the Famous Figures of Ancient Times book was just how sturdy the paper figures are…”

—Dom and Ash Evans, LI Kids

Cathy Diez-Luckie

Cathy Diez-Luckie

Award-Winning Author and Illustrator

I’m Cathy Diez-Luckie, author and illustrator of Famous Figures of Ancient Times: Movable Paper Figures to Cut, Color, and Assemble and the award-winning famous figures series of activity books. I am dedicated to providing parents and teachers with engaging hands-on history activities for their creative children that excite even a reluctant learner!